Blue Diamond Grill Genie REVIEW


To close out the review regarding the Blue Diamond Grill Genie here’s what we have to say based regarding the reviews. “The Blue Diamond Grill Genie fry pan  is over-marketed, which truly will  not work as demanded by the company or their good wishers, meals stick to the outer lining, the surface that is ceramic and  chips, the pan warps and bends plus the handle gets therefore hot it’s impossible  to touch.”

Blue Diamond Grill Genie REVIEW

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Blue Diamond Grill Genie REVIEW

To summarize the “review” of the Blue Diamond Grill Genie, it’s an over-hyped, over-rated and exaggerated grilling pan with a glass lid. There was nothing special concerning the Blue Diamond Grill Genie, its not a unique product at all. You will find loads of branded tried and tested grilling pans with lids out there in the market. After are the benefits and drawbacks of the Blue Diamond Grill Genie.


Blue Diamond Grill Genie Pros and Cons

Given the nature that is“ceramic” of “Blue Diamond Grill Genie”, it inherits equivalent benefits and drawbacks connected with ceramic cookware.

The Grill Genie is “more” toxic-free than the conventional Teflon coatings.

It is non-stick, provided you do the“seasoning” that is proper.

The Blue Diamond Grill Genie is “relatively” cheaper.

“Now the disadvantages for the Grill Genie”

False advertisement – Blue Diamond Grill Genie is adopting marketing that is deceptive and false claims to promote their grilling pan.


Blue Diamond Grill Genie CLAIMS

Grilling is ruined in the rainfall and cleaning that is indoor of becomes really difficult however now the makers of this product vow that one may now enjoy Bbq and hotdogs all year round. Grill genie coating that is ceramic infused with millions of diamonds the hardest known material to man. Delicate fish won’t even break, sear steak 30 % faster and this item is reported to be dishwasher safe. The grill lines in this cookware will sear in flavour and the steam lid over the pan will help you to cook much faster giving you a perfectly cooked juicy meal every time.

The signature coating boasts that even gluey saucy messes wipe off clean in a swipe that is single. The manufacturers ensure  that people can now grill throughout every season on an immense 11-inch cooking area getting an ideal sear, and then finish cooking with the power of steam. Blue Diamond’s signature ceramic non-stick coating claims to make clean up very simple in  which the steaming lid seals in moisture and cooks food much quicker than the regular people.

Powered with an ultra grill that is high offering the users the experience of healthiest grilling! It is assumed that the fat and grease will drain away so that the food isn’t sitting in grease and the steaming lid contains splatter which will keep your stovetop clean. The makers boast that this product is 5X harder than traditional non-stick pans, therefore, the coating will last 10X longer than traditional non-stick pans have real profit achieve 4X quicker in cooking and more even heat transfer compared to other cookware because of it’s an extra-large design that is sure to easily fit a 5 lb chicken! This product is lightweight and compact for effortless storage with zero toxins no PFAS, PFOA, Lead or Cadmium. Blue Diamond Grill Genie is also oven and broiler safe which is up to 850 degrees Celsius. What else could one ask or Demand, right?


Breaking the Privileges made by Blue Diamond Grill Genie

“Grill Genie Cooks up to 30% faster”

The maker regarding the Blue Diamond Grill Genie claims on the internet site ( that the Grill Genie cooks food 30% quicker which is not real. There isn’t any study that is independent tests conducted that attest this claim. While it is really a common knowledge that placing a lid cooks food faster, there are no stats available.

5X harder than traditional non-stick pans

The manufacturers of Blue Diamond Grill Genie claims become 5X harder than conventional non-stick pans, which is the lie that is biggest. Again here too there clearly was no agency that is independent this claim. Having diamonds on the cooking surface does not make the Blue Diamond Grill Genie much harder than the traditional teflon coated grilling pans. Despite having the ceramic (with infused diamonds) surface, the Grill Genie is as fragile as virtually any pan.

Coating lasts 10X longer than traditional non-stick pans

Another lie from the manufacturers of the of this cookware. As stated above, the ceramic coating is since fragile and also as susceptible as other layer like teflon. In-fact ceramic is at risk of cuts and chipping if you utilize metal utensils on it. Additionally coating that is ceramic the least durable of the many coatings.

4X quicker and  more even heat transfer

Fear Goodd you scammers, The makers of “Blue Diamond Grill Genie” claim that the pan is 4X faster and promotes also heat transfer, although the truth is that ceramic is well known to be less efficient with regards to heat transfer. So food is  going to  take longer to cook into the Grill Genie.

Dishwasher safe

The Blue Diamond Grill Genie claims to be “dishwasher safe” but when we searched for the “cleaning instructions for ceramic cookware”, we came across several authoritarian web sites that advise “not to clean cookware which is finished of ceramic”, and the Blue Diamond Grill Genie is a “Ceramic Cookware”. Now you figure down who is lying.

Oven and broiler safe up to 850 degrees

While the ceramic is the most heat resistant of all the coatings, it really is not recommended to casually use such high conditions.

Customer Reviews

  • It Scratches – This the many complain that is common users mention within their reviews. The pan scratches even with moderate use.
  • The Pan Bends – Along using the scratches, Many users are concerning about bending of Blue Diamond Grill Genie pan bending and warping under the heat.
  • Hot Handle – Reviews mention that the handle associated with Grill Genie pan gets therefore hot that it is impractical  to touch it.
  • Food Sticks – Whatsoever may finish up being the claims of this cookware, the reviews expose the real colours with  this gimmicky “non-stick” pan. There are many reviews confirming the  reality that “food sticks to the surface associated with Grill Genie”. Most common complaint is that eggs adhere to the pan almost every time.
  • Chips and Flakes – People that have bought the Blue Diamond Grill Genie have reported that the grill genie surface chips and the diamond layer flake off.
  • Not Induction Ready – The Blue Diamond Grill Genie isn’t induction cooktop compatible.
  • Uneven Surface – Reviewers reveal that the Blue Diamond Grill Genie surface does not remain simple and the gathers that are liquid the border regarding the pan and  the center stays dry and
  • Hard to Clean – One user mentions in his review why washing the Blue Diamond Grill genie can be so difficult to to clean.

The grill genie diamond finish is  a lie that is big everything sticks to the top. When the food sticks to the part its very hard to get rid of the jammed food, you need  to soak the grill genie pan in heated  water and gently scrub the mess off. In spite of  how careful you might be, this scrubbing causes the surface of the grill genie pan to scratch while  the finish to remove.

Final Speach

Our Verdict on  the Blue Diamond Grill Genie This may be  a classic as seen on television rip-off. The term “genie” in the Blue Diamond Grill Pan may be  the indicator that is first they’ve been trying to sell a “magical” pan that does wonders. And  we Americans fall for such lies. Why don’t we understand that we now have definitely better products out here that actually work.

The marketers of the this cookware are riding in  the success of this initial Blue Diamond Non-Stick Pan, the only addition is the glass lid. And that means  you are best  off reading those reviews and you’ll get the idea that is fair of quality associated with the pan.

Based in  the reviews, we do not recommend the Blue Diamond Grill Genie pan. a simple search for “ceramic grill pan with glass lid” on would record a large number of tried and tested and branded pans that work well. Stay clear of the Blue Diamond Grill Pan.

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