Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker Review


We bought the Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker so our reviewer could assess it in her kitchen. Continue reading for our full item investigation.

when my Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker came to hand, I needed to respect its weight and its size. (I requested the 8-quart choice; however, this model is additionally accessible in 3-quart and 6-quart sizes.) While I could value that big families and food preppers would love the idea of tanks of soup stock Double batches made of chilli. After some genuine time under tension, this is what I thought about the well-known Instant Pot’s capacities and highlights.

Setting Process: So simple

Like most machines, the parts for the Instant Pot Ultra—the cover with removable silicone seal, the stainless-steel inward cooking pot, and any of the included gadgets and accessories you are utilizing (cooking trivet with handles, rice estimating cup, rice oar, and spoon)— should be washed before the primary use.

After re-arraigning the parts, the brand recommends playing out a water test to affirm that the cooker is holding pressure. I found that this additionally allowed me the chance to get acquainted with how the controls work.

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Instant Pot Ultra is a Modern and sleek design

The controls on instant Pot are not quite the same as prior models because of a big-screen display with a lot of information. Catches around the screen/display show the preset cooking buttons that enable the functions, while a handle underneath lets you pick the function. I truly preferred this technique, and the instant pot Ultra caused me to feel certain that I really turned the warming functions on or off.

One fascinating design choice on this instant pot model is the cancel or end button on the left of the control handle and the start switch on the right. The cancel switch stops the cooking process by cancelling it, however, it likewise backs you out of the settings you were picking. Past models of the Instant Pot didn’t have a start or on —you just picked your settings and you left. On the off chance that you’ve utilized past models, you may have to prepare yourself to turn the switch on by pressing on the start button. Again, if this is your first Instant Pot, that start switch may appear to be typical, since numerous different device has a start and stop switches.

The top’s side or lid side handles of instant pot can be embedded in the pot’s side knobs to hold the top/lid (picture the manner in which a garbage bin opens on a pivot). I favoured this design, as it implied that I didn’t have to search a spot on the counter to set the lid or cover while I was busy.

One intriguing new design includes in the instant pot is that when the lid is displaced and detached, the quick discharge button consequently returns to the sealing mode. This is incredible for individuals who neglect to effectively set the steam delivery and return to find that they’ve been cooking without pressure.

Unlike other cookers Instant pot Ultra necessitate users to turn the steam discharge valve itself, the snappy discharge button simply should be squeezed to begin the venting process, and it’s a slight away from the steam vent, which should assist clients with feeling somewhat less worried about the hot steam. When it is pressed, it vented steam till I took my finger away. This is extraordinary for controlled venting. when the quick discharge valve is pushed down more solidly, it remains set up for constant venting. It took me a couple of attempts and a second analysis of the manual to sort out that firm push.

One thing I truly liked about the included cooking trivet was its handles. At the point when I set a soufflé dish on the trivet to cook a French toast meal, those handles made it truly simple to lift the soufflé dole out of the pot when cooking was finished.

Lots of features

Instant pot Ultra  is marked a “10-in-1” since it consolidates these features: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice/porridge cooker, cake producer, yogurt creator, sauté/burning, liner, hotter, sterilizer, and “ultra.” While a few models treat the pressure cook include as a different feature from the different presets, pressure cook is right now Pot’s first preset. Furthermore, instant pot has a program for soup/stock, meat/stew, bean/bean stew, steam, slow cook, sauté, warm, rice, porridge, multigrain, cake, egg, disinfect, yogurt, and ultra. While every one of those presets can be convenient, and I unquestionably tinkered with every one of them, I utilized the pressure cook functions mostly.


Ultra-preset is one of the highlights that separate Instant pot Ultra from Other Cookers. Instant Pot Ultra lets you set an exact temperature for plans that require it, and I found that it functioned admirably enough for my motivations. I utilized it to sous vide some chicken thighs, and keeping in mind that the temperature changed a piece during one and half hour cooking, it was close enough to complete my food.


One of the general settings in this instant pot is the adjustment of altitude, which is extraordinary for any individual who lives above the ocean level. This setting changes the cooking time to make up for the lower cooking temperatures, which implies that those in high-height zones won’t have to solve math when utilizing standard recipes or cooking formulas.

While it didn’t change the cooking functions or features, I enjoyed the cooking progress marker, an advanced diagram that shows the warming up and chilling down progress such that’s straightforward initially. Also, if that weren’t sufficient, you can make changes to the time even if cooking has already started, postpone the start time as long as 24 hours, and even repeat methods because of the features called program customizations.

Perform like a beast

There’s no uncertainty about it: Instant Pot Ultra is a strong performer that will make you pleased. From soft rice to rich cheesecake to red spicy chilli to a French toast meal, I utilized instant pot for many meals, also an occasional lettuce leaf, and I didn’t have any single disappointment.

Once more, I requested the 8-quart feature, and I contemplated whether it would be an advantage for anybody to buy big families. After Utilizing it for some time, it may say, I started to like the additional room. when I cooked in a springform skillet or a soufflé dish, I had a lot of room around that cookware. In this way, for instance, while making my go-to Instant Pot cheesecake formula, the additional width of the 8-quart bowl made it simpler to get the skillet into and out of the pot.

The additional room was likewise much refreshing when making soup stock, since I had a sizable amount of space for the bones from a roast chicken, alongside onion, celery, and carrots for additional flavour. An hour at high pressure was all it required to make a tasty stock that proceeded to become soup later in the week, likewise cooked in the pressure cooker.

When sautéing meat prior to cooking, I didn’t have to do that in batches. For example, prior to making a stew, I singed the hamburger in the cooker to get more flavor. At that point, I added potatoes and carrots alongside flavours and fluids and let it moderate cook, just to test that work. After six hours, and food was ready.

Easy to clean

The internal stainless-steel cooking pot and the silicone sealing ring are dishwasher-safe. Other cooking parts should be washed by hand. Note that this item is UL-and ULC-certified.


Price is ok but a bit higher

At about $180, the 8-quart Instant Pot Ultra is somewhat more costly than the 3-quart and 6-quart forms ($120 and $150, separately), and it’s additionally a touch more costly than a portion of the brand’s prior models. However, that will be normal. This cooker has a more pleasant, clearer interface, and it incorporates some new highlights that clients may appreciate. The size, while adding some mass to the general device, was overall a benefit in our point of view.

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